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About Us

Building beautiful homes.

Herra works with leading residential architects and specialise in executing bold, beautiful concepts. Our goal is to intertwine artistry and functionality for elegant Australian homes – delivering stunning spaces that are truly unique and always remarkable.

Building with Herra means that it isn’t just your home that’s bespoke, but also the project management that we provide you. Your vision is yours alone. Herra works with you to ensure that each element in the build suits your needs, your concept and your home.


Building trust.

Your builder should sit next to you, rather than opposite you. They should collaborate with you, rather than transact with you. At Herra, we achieve the best results because our partnerships are built on clear communication and transparency.

While every project has challenges, the difference with Herra is that we have a solution ready whenever there’s a problem. You’ll get to know and trust those who work on your project, and our proactive approach means we reduce the stress on you.